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Is alcohol allowed on the vehicles?

Yes. We are fully licensed and, as long as everyone in your party is over drinking age, there is no problem with drinks on the buses and/or limousines!

Is smoking allowed on the vehicles?

There is no smoking in the vehicles but remember, you do have unlimited stops so, you can have as many smoking breaks as needed.

How much "down" in a reservation?

We only require a $200 down-payment (by credit or debit) to secure a bus and date.

Is the driver's tip included in the price?

There is the industry-standard "minimum gratuity" included. However, if your driver goes above-and-beyond (as our drivers are honestly known to do) please feel free to tip accordingly!

Does your vehicles have restrooms in them?

We do not have any restrooms in our vehicles, however, we are more than happy to stop any time you or your guests may need to use the restroom.

Which areas do you service?

We happily service the entire state of New Jersey. If you would like to see the specific areas within New Jersey that we service, then check out our Service Area page!

Do you provide alcohol to your clients?

In order to keep our prices affordable and competitive, we do not have the licenses needed to provide alcohol to our clients. However, be sure to bring your own alcohol so long as your group consists of adults 21 years or older.

Can I view your vehicles before I book your services?

Of course you can! It would be our pleasure to show you our vehicles in person before you make the final decision to use our services. Be sure to Contact Us to set up a time to view our vehicles!

Will I have to clean the vehicle when I'm done with it?

We greatly appreciate it when our clients pick up their trash and clean up any spills they may have made. We of course, clean the vehicles after your use, however, it does help us keep everything sparkling clean for our clients if they help us out before they finish with us.

Are there any hidden fees that I have to worry about?

Let's be frank. We dispise hidden fees just as much as the next person. That's why we are sure to cover any and all fees with you when you book the vehicle. Most fees are included in the total, and only special clean up fees will be added for extreme cases. (IE: Throw up.)