New Jersey Wedding DJ's

So, you think that one of your friends or family members can be the DJ at your wedding? Does that mean that they will expertly put together your entire playlist? Or what about fulfilling the role of your emcee? Will he do they as well? Or what about operating the lighting and getting your guests out on the dance floor, are they good at those tasks as well? You might want to think again if you want to hire a non professional wedding DJ. There is a lot more to being a wedding DJ than just spinning a few tunes. Fortunately for you, the New Jersey areas has some very high quality wedding vendors that can do all of these things. Believe is when we tell you that you have never experienced entertainment like you will when an experienced professional wedding DJ runs things. Your guests will also appreciate it and you will have a hard time getting them to leave your reception. If you are looking to have a fun and exciting environment created at your reception, then a DJ is definitely the way to go. But we warn you, the search will not be an easy one. Our best advice to you is to hang in there, take your time, and when all of your hard work results in an amazing DJ that has everyone hopping and makes your wedding unforgettable, then that will be reward enough.

If you want to end up with the best possible DJ for your wedding, there is no way around meeting with potential candidates and interviewing them as if you would in a job interview. And in essence, that is what this is, you have a job opening and you are trying to fill it. Listen very carefully to all of the responses you receive from each candidate. Your questions should be designed to reveal what you need to know in order to make a determination of who your Wedding DJ is going to be.

Start by asking them why they became a DJ. Does a real passion come out when they answer this question? Why do they love being a DJ? What kind of training have they been through in order to hone their skills? Keep in mind that you don't want someone who is just in it for the money. What are the candidate's favorite wedding songs? Are these some of your favorites as well? What do they consider to be their style? Make sure that it meshes with your style. Make sure that they are willing to cater to your musical tastes.

How much experience do they have? This is one of the most important factors that you can find out about. How many weddings have they performed at? We recommend that you look for someone who has performed at 15 weddings minimum. Are they a solo act or do they have an assistant? An assistant can make things operate very smoothly. What happens if your DJ can't make it for some unforeseen reason? What is the backup plan? The same goes for the sound equipment. If a speaker blows, does the DJ carry a backup for such an occurrence. Make sure you touch on requests from the crowd? Are they willing to accept them? Talk about how they perform as an emcee. What do they like to do in order to get the crowd into the fun. These questions should give you a sense of who your favorite candidate is. And as we like to say, if the price is right on your favorite candidate, you are ready to get a contract and sign on the dotted line. Make sure that you sit down with your chosen candidate and go over every detail to make sure that everyone agrees. Once this is accomplished, you can get ready to boogie.

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